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Payroll services play a vital role in ensuring accurate and timely payment to employees, along with compliance with tax regulations and other legal requirements.

However, finding the right payroll service Pricing provider that meets your business’s unique needs while staying within your budget can be challenging. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with valuable insights into the pricing models and offerings of various payroll service providers, helping you make an informed decision for your business.

Pricing Packages Overview

Before diving into specific payroll service providers, let’s explore the general structure of pricing packages in the industry. Payroll service providers typically offer different tiers of pricing plans tailored to cater to businesses of varying sizes and complexities. These plans often come with distinct features and pricing models to accommodate specific payroll needs.

Common features included in payroll service Price packages are:

  • Direct deposit
  • Tax calculations and filings
  • Employee self-service portals
  • Compliance assistance
  • HR support
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Benefits administration

The pricing models adopted by payroll service providers can vary. Some providers offer a pay-as-you-go model, where you pay for the specific services you utilize, while others offer fixed monthly or annual subscription plans.

Now, let’s explore the pricing structures of some popular payroll service providers and how they cater to different business needs.

Payroll Service ProviderFree TrialStarting PricePrice Range
OnPay30 days$40 plus $6 per employee per month$40 plus $6 per employee (fixed price)
Gusto30 days$40 plus $6 per employee per monthContact for quote
ADP RunThree months$40-plus per month, depending on company size and needsContact for quote
Paychex FlexNo$39 plus $5 per employee per monthContact for quote
JustworksNo$59 per month (for up to 49 employees)$99 per month (for up to 49 employees) and $89 per month (for 50 or more employees)
TriNetNoContact for quoteContact for quote
Wave Payroll30 daysVaries by stateVaries by state
Paycor14 days$99 plus $5 per employee per monthContact for quote
DeluxeNo$45 plus $7 per employee per month$45 plus $14 per employee per month
Payroll Service Pricing

ADP Payroll Pricing

ADP (Automatic Data Processing) is a well-established name in the payroll services industry, offering a range of solutions for businesses of all sizes. ADP provides four primary pricing plans: Basic, Enhanced, Complete, and HR Pro.

Basic Plan

ADP’s Basic plan is designed for small businesses and offers essential payroll features such as direct deposit, W-2 and 1099 creation, and new hire reporting. The pricing for the Basic plan varies based on factors such as the number of employees and the specific services required.

Enhanced Plan

The Enhanced plan builds upon the Basic plan and includes additional hiring tools. It offers features such as background checks, check signing, and complete management of state unemployment. The Enhanced plan’s pricing is determined based on the specific needs of your business, including factors like the number of employees and additional services requested.

Complete Plan

The Complete plan encompasses all the features of the Enhanced plan, along with basic HR support. It includes tools like an employee handbook wizard, salary benchmarking insights, and a central library of HR resources. The pricing for the Complete plan is customized according to your business requirements and the number of employees.

HR Pro Plan

ADP’s HR Pro plan offers the most comprehensive set of HR services, in addition to the features included in the Complete plan. It provides enhanced employee handbook support, employer and employee training courses, and HR recordkeeping. The pricing for the HR Pro plan is determined based on the specific needs and size of your business.

QuickBooks Payroll Pricing

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll is another prominent player in the payroll services market. They offer a range of payroll solutions that can be used with or without QuickBooks accounting software. QuickBooks Payroll provides different pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of small businesses.

Core Plan

QuickBooks Payroll’s Core plan is designed for small businesses seeking essential payroll features. It includes features like automatic payroll tax calculations and filings, direct deposit, and employee self-service portals. The pricing for the Core plan is based on the number of employees and is generally offered on a monthly subscription basis.

Premium Plan

The Premium plan expands upon the Core plan by offering additional features such as same-day direct deposit, HR support center, and time tracking. It also includes enhanced reporting capabilities. The pricing for the Premium plan is customized according to your business needs and the number of employees.

Elite Plan

QuickBooks Payroll’s Elite plan provides the most comprehensive payroll and HR features. It includes features like expert setup review, personalized HR support, and tax penalty protection. The Elite plan’s pricing is determined based on the specific requirements of your business and the number of employees.

Zoho Payroll Pricing

Zoho Payroll is a popular payroll software solution known for its user-friendly interface and robust features. It offers a straightforward pricing structure to simplify payroll management for businesses.

Zoho Payroll provides a single pricing plan that includes all its features, ensuring that businesses have access to the complete payroll suite. The pricing for Zoho Payroll is competitive and transparent, making it an attractive option for small and medium-sized businesses.

Comparative Analysis

To help you make an informed decision, let’s compare some key factors across the aforementioned payroll service providers:

Payroll Service ProviderPricing ModelFeaturesScalability
ADPCustomizedHR support, background checks, employee handbook wizardHighly scalable for businesses of all sizes
Intuit QuickBooks PayrollSubscription-basedAutomatic payroll tax calculations, direct deposit, time trackingScalable for small to medium-sized businesses
Zoho PayrollFixed PricingComplete payroll suite, user-friendly interfaceScalable for small to medium-sized businesses

It’s important to consider your specific business requirements, budget, and growth projections when selecting a payroll service provider. Taking advantage of free trials and consulting with the providers directly can help you gain a better understanding of how their pricing structures align with your business needs.


Navigating the world of payroll services pricing can be a daunting task. However, armed with the knowledge and insights provided in this guide, you are now better equipped to evaluate different payroll service providers based on their pricing models and offerings.

Remember, selecting the right payroll service provider involves considering factors beyond pricing alone. Assessing the quality of service, customer support, integration capabilities, and reputation within the industry are equally crucial. By conducting thorough research, leveraging trial periods, and seeking recommendations from trusted sources, you can confidently choose the payroll service provider that best suits your business needs.

Investing in an efficient and reliable payroll service can streamline your payroll operations, ensure compliance, and free up valuable time for you to focus on growing your business.

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